We are trained and experienced to carry out tasks in difficult to access areas using different types of equipment and techniques, including rope access methods, elevating work platforms and confined space access. Our core competencies include:

High Rise Concrete Repair

We work with our clients to match materials and provide robust solutions ongoing rework is not required. Concrete works can include scanning, coring/cutting, patching and rendering.

High Rise Structural Work

Structural works can include removal and replacement of machinery and elements, including pipes, beams, brackets and fittings.

Anchor Installation and Testing

We install all types of anchors for rope access or machinery. Anchors can be either off the shelf or specifically designed to suit your needs.

Painting and Cleaning

We provide full building clean and paint systems including: building wash, surface perpetration, crack repair, and 1,2 or 3-part paint systems. We provide you with quality documentation to ensure suitable coating thickness has been achieved (DFT - Dry Film Thickness).

Window Seal Repair

We remove old, leaky window seals and replace with new modern products and methods.

Window and Pressure Cleaning

We remove mould, grime, and rejuvenate buildings using high pressure cleaners and scrubbers.

Corrosion Repair

Removal of existing rust is only part of the solution, in order to prevent recurrence, either leaks need to be stopped and materials or part configuration needs to be changed. We then prepare the surface, provide treatment, install coatings, and insulating materials.

Sign Installation and Removal

We remove old signs and install the new, including brackets, fittings and electrical connections. We also install and remove vinyl signs.

Slope Stabilization

We remove loose rocks, shrubs and debris, we can also install anchors, mesh and pins as required.

Access/Handrail Solutions

We can procure, design and install various forms of handrail, brackets, ladder and platform systems to suit your needs.

Confined Spaces

We work in tight spaces, including tanks, vent shafts, pits and lifts. We use all necessary safety equipment to perform the task including, AQM, SCBA, ventilators, tripod and rescue systems.

Short Term Access

We can install temporary working lines, anchors, barricades and fencing to enable your crew to safely work near edges.


We work with our clients to develop solutions to everyday engineering problems. We can provide work methodologies, planning and engineering advice, Including, concept sketches or part development using CAD, perform engineering inspections, tests, and provide reports.

Specific licenses held by staff and crew:
  • IRATA Rope Technician Certification - Level 1,2,3

  • HRW Licence  - EWP operator +11m

  • Confined space (Entry, Work, Standby and Rescue)

  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

  • Operate & Maintain Chainsaws
  • Fell & CutTrees
  • NSW Electrical License

  • HRW Licence Dogging & Rigging

  • VOC assessment

  • First aid Certificates

  • All vehicles have first aid kits and fire extinguishers.

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