We provide real and practical engineering solutions - we provide the solution, we deliver and we stand by it. We do this by carrying out site inspections, providing concept designs, sketches, reviewing standards and reviewing what others in the industry have done. We always think outside the box with the aim of finding ways to improve the outcome, save cost, reduce time and improve design.

“We bring the best of big company policy without the junk”

Our aim is to get the job done using practical and compliant safety and quality systems. We keep things simple, simple is safer in the field and provides a more productive workplace for all.

“Planning is key”

Difficult projects can be made simple by breaking the project into individual tasks, and planning is key to delivering on time and on budget. Adding each task to a master plan enables savings and opportunities to be identified early, and risks to be managed throughout.

“Top Quality – Do it once, do it right”

We follow best practice industry standards and relevant Australian Standards to ensure our clients get a compliant end product. We develop ITPs and checklists with our clients, this ensures everyone walks away satisfied a quality product has been installed.

“We provide a solution by first understanding the problem”

We use root cause analysis to provide solutions that will ensure the problem does not occur again, there is no point replacing ‘like for like’ only to replace ‘again and again’.


We review all avenues and brainstorm with all parties, including client, crew and other industry experts. We can then assist with concept development, design, part fabrication and delivery.

“The World stops for no one”

We work with our clients to provide solutions which minimize disruption to services, customers and those around us.